STORM – a recognisable and striking shape from the very beginning

STORM stone chip coated roofing is, of course, a recognisable and striking shape from the very beginning – one of the latest products from BTR Systems, which will successfully fit into the latest styles, among others. It’s a profile that perfectly fits with wooden construction and log cabins, as well as minimalist, designer buildings. The deep, expressive profile and irregularity of the pattern perfectly reflect the spirit of real aspen shingles and wood as a natural material.
It is a reflection of the aspen wood shingle that originates from Canada. It is the essence of good taste, and lovers of wooden architecture now have even more choices. STORM draws its inspiration from nature. The untamed power of storms, downpours and high winds are just a few of the atmospheric factors that it easily copes with. Proper installation of our roof covers ensures extraordinary resistance to wind gusts.

The BTR Systems offer includes stone chip coated accessories, thanks to which the result will be a harmoniously composed roof.

Total width
approx. ~53½ in
Width of actual cover
51⅔ in
Height of step – tile offset
1⅖ in
Length of step – Module
14½ in
Length of sheet
16¾ in
Profile depth
⅕ in
2,06 pcs
The minimum angle
of inclination of the roof


Available colour scheme

Composition of stone chip coated modul

1. Transparent acrylic coating
2. Natural stone chips
3. Base layer
4. Passivation protective layer
5. Alu-zinc protective layer
6. Steel core
7. Alu-zinc protective layer
8. Passivation protective layer
Stone chips
60 years

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