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Square pipe

Hidden Gutter System

Calculator - Hidden Gutter System

Easily calculate the data for correct installation of the gutter.

A CALCULATOR: what is it for? It is available on the website and will easily determine the distance Z, i.e. the height between the edge of the board and the top edge of the counter battens. It facilitates the determination of the base installation position.


of the Hidden Gutter System KROP

Hidden System installation easier than you think
Created based on the best practices, in co-operation  with master roofers. Calculator - a tool to make work more efficient.

Fascia hook - adjustable
Ensures fascia installation and levelleing regardless of the gutter system slope.

Aestherc reinforced fascia (optimal thickness of 0.7 mm)
Created in line with the latest trends in eaveless house design. The specially designed fascia profile guarantees no ripples.

The classic art of roofing
The system is installed in accordance with  the well-known roofing standards. Installation is efficient thanks to the use of the proven  semi-circular KROP gutter profile.

Special protection for the fascia profile
Protects against water flowing in between the fascia and precipitation gutter.

Roof soffit panel for houses with eaves
It ensures that the drain pipe and the soffit are installed in an aesthetic manner.

Ventilation gap
The vertical adjustment of the fascia on the bracket allows to maintain proper roof ventilation.

Perfect water-tightness
Eliminates the risk of leakage in the system. The proven solutions for sealing and connecting the  gutter to the downpipe (pipe connector with a gasket).

Proven performance
Efficient water drainage thanks to the use of a classic KROP gutter system.

Longest warranty on the market
Warranty against perforation by rust for 
REINFORCED FASCIA - up to 40 years
Mechanical durability warranty for  KROP PVC system - up to 20 years
Warranty of the system water-tightness during installation of KROP PVC pipe in the facade - up to 10 years.
Warranty in terms of mechanical durability for the adapter and square trigger - 30 years

Complete material package for an architect
A library of CAD drawings ensures that the system  can be quickly entered into the design by the architect.

Application to facilitate installation
Facilitated correct positioning of the hidden gutter system in relation to the roof plane - a special installation calculator. Find out for yourself!

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