A specially  profiled PVC square downspout connector is used to quickly connect two downpipes or funnel with the downpipe.

Square Gutter System

Technical details

System D1 D2 L
SQUARE GUTTER SYSTEM 80,2 mm 76 mm 98 mm


Differences in monitor colour settings do not allow for accurate reproduction of coating colours, so the colours shown are for reference only and may differ from the actual shades. The colours of the samples are subject to manufacturing tolerances and may differ slightly from the material delivered to the site.

Performance table

Our KROP SQUARE GUTTER SYSTEM with a 135 square gutter corresponds to a half-round gutter in size 150.
Performance table Square Gutter System KROP



Symmetrical gutter
The symmetrical shape of the gutter makes installation of long elements simple and efficient.

Symmetrical 2-in-1 fittings
The symmetrical gutter fittings ensure intuitive installation of the system.

Supporting elements made of steel
They ensure high stability of the gutter system.

High performance
The 135/80x80 square system provides efficient water collection.

Perfect tightness
A specially selected gasket guarantees high tightness during heavy rainfall.

Perfect finish
The perfect fit of the components ensures easy installation.

Lightweight and easy to install
The simple and lightweight form of the system makes work on the roof faster and easier.

Simple design
Perfectly integrated into the body of the building - this is an aesthetic finish to the roof.

The recycling mix is a thoughtful strategy of the KROP brand's environmental activity.

Pro-environmental design
Warranty against perforation by rust for 
Manufacturing in the spirit of LESS WASTE is an environmentally friendly process.

Longest warranty on the market
30 years - guarantee in terms of mechanical durability of the KROP PVC Concealed Gutter System.

Ready-made package of materials for the architect
A complete library of CAD drawings.

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