MISTRAL attracts thanks to symmetrical profile

Low rooflines, wide overhanging eaves and heavy red brick tiles are the elements that keep the home airy and cool during high temperatures and are still a common architectural element in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin to this day.
MISTRAL stone chip coated roofing was created to give the roof this uniquely Mediterranean look, additionally offering functionality and resistance to local weather conditions.

With its shape and name, MISTRAL refers to the wavy surface of the sea moved by the hot Mediterranean wind. The clear regularity of this roof cover makes it the perfect finish for the roofs of buildings with a regular, classic shape, especially in the colour Jasper. The composition, which combines the features of good architecture, refers to tradition while also being a breath of fresh air. MISTRAL is a profile with a timeless nature.

MISTRAL is made of high-quality materials with a steel core protected from corrosion on both sides with alu-zinc and finished with a stone chip coating available in a wide range of colours.

Total width
approx. ~52⅘ in
Width of actual cover
50 in
Height of step – tile offset
⅘ in
Length of step – Module
14½ in
Length of sheet
16¾ in
Profile depth
1⅛ in
2,13 pcs
The minimum angle
of inclination of the roof


Available colour scheme

Composition of stone chip coated modul

1. Transparent acrylic coating
2. Natural stone chips
3. Base layer
4. Passivation protective layer
5. Alu-zinc protective layer
6. Steel core
7. Alu-zinc protective layer
8. Passivation protective layer
Stone chips
60 years

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