BLIZZARD – reflection of perfection

Blizzard is the result of the work of experts and roofers – a reliable roofing that will protect your home for many years. Proven quality and reliability in harmony with nature and corresponding with its requirements. Product with the longest 60-year written warranty available on the market.

Total width
approx. ~47¾ in
Width of actual cover
47 in
Height of step – tile offset
45 in
Length of step – Module
1⅖ in
Length of sheet
14½ in
Profile depth
17 in
The minimum angle of inclination of the roof
2,37 pcs


Available colour scheme

Composition of stone chip coated modul

1. Transparent acrylic coating
2. Natural stone chips
3. Base layer
4. Passivation protective layer
5. Alu-zinc protective layer
6. Steel core
7. Alu-zinc protective layer
8. Passivation protective layer
Stone chips
60 years

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